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Saturday, July 26, 2003


How to create Tamil Blogs in

Click here to learn how to create an account in Couresy Suratha.

Using TSCII fonts

In Internet Explorer

1. Tools -> Internet Options -> Accesibility ->

PUT A CHECK MARK on "Ignore Font Styles Specified on Webpages"

Using UNICODE fonts

1. You can prepare your content in TSCII using E-Kalappai (in MS-Word, Wordpad, Notepad or directly in window) or Murasu-editor. Copy and paste your content at the NEW POST window.

2. Now you have to convert your content into Unicode from TSCII. There are two ways.

i. Type your content in Murasu-editor. Select your content and convert into Unicode.

ii. Type your content using E-Kalappai. Convert them using Pongku Tamil Reder/Converter (Unicode)

MISC: If you want to make a blog in Tamil and if you dont/cannot have Murasu or E-Kalappai, dont despair. You could still make blogs in Tamil Unicode.

Type in Romanised Tamil in Pongku Tamil Conveter/Reader (Unicode)

Or, if you want your blog to be in TSCII format, convert here.

Thankyou Badri Seshadri, Maalan, Mugunth, Ramanitharan, K.V.Raja & Suratha for all your help.

- Mathy Kandasamy


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